Martech combines the words "marketing" and "technology." It covers a wide range of technologies used in online marketing. Martech is related to adtech (advertising technology) but focuses on marketing services rather than digital ads.

Examples of martech include:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software
  • Email marketing systems
  • Social media marketing technologies
  • Online tracking tools
  • User analytics
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Martech software, such as CRM SaaS applications and email delivery services, enable marketing teams to reach targeted audiences. For example, instead of mass-emailing (e.g., spamming) recipients, martech makes it possible to send emails only to those most interested in receiving them. The software is often part of a CRM suite, which companies use to maintain a database of existing customers and potential leads. Complex algorithms assign values, e.g., likelihood to purchase, to people in the database, allowing companies to make effective marketing decisions.

Cross-site and cross-platform tracking enable companies to track user behavior across websites and devices. For example, if you visit an e-commerce website on your smartphone, cross-platform tracking allows the company to display personalized recommendations on your laptop. Ever wonder how you get an email about something you left in your online shopping cart? You can thank martech for that.

NOTE: Because martech often tracks user activity, online marketing services must follow data collection and usage guidelines, such as GDPR. Organizations that collect and store data often publish a privacy policy, which explains how they use the data.

Updated February 26, 2022 by Per C.

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