What is the Tech Factor?

The Tech Factor is a rating used to describe the technical level of each definition in the Tech Terms Computer Dictionary.

Each term has a tech factor ranging from 1 to 10, where 1 is the most basic and 10 is the most advanced. Below is an explantion of each tech factor rating.

  1. Basic computer term, used often
  2. Very common term, easy to understand
  3. Frequently used term, basic terminology
  4. Not used everyday, but still important to know
  5. Somewhat technical, but still considered basic computing terminology
  6. May contain advanced terminology, but helpful to know
  7. More specific term, only used in certain computer industries
  8. Advanced term, may be difficult for the average user to understand
  9. Used infrequently, contains advanced terminology
  10. Highly specific and advanced term, may impress even your nerdiest friends

NOTE: You can browse all terms by Tech Factor using the Browse page.