Medtech, short for "medical technology," is an umbrella term that covers all technologies used for medical purposes. Related terms include biotech, edtech, and fintech.

While technology has been part of medicine for hundreds of years, computers have made several new medical advancements possible. Examples include:

  1. Electronic patient records
  2. Online access to health information
  3. Data sharing across medical facilities
  4. Digital x-rays, MRIs, and CT scans
  5. Telehealth, such as remote doctor visits

Digital health data is not just convenient; it also provides useful analytics. Data from thousands — even millions — of anonymous individuals can provide valuable insights into health trends or changes. These findings may reveal correlations between lifestyles and specific diseases and help determine what treatments are most effective.

In recent years, wearable electronics have played an increasingly significant role in medtech. Devices like fitness bands and smartwatches record daily activity and heart rate. Most wearable electronics communicate via Bluetooth to a connected smartphone, providing an easy way to access and monitor personal health data.

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