Edtech is short for "educational technology." It refers to any technology used for educational purposes. Other industry-specific terms include biotech, medtech, and fintech.

Edtech includes hardware, such as Chromebooks and tablets, and software, such as educational apps for PCs and mobile devices. It also includes collaboration tools such as Moodle, Canvas, and Google Classroom.

From elementary schools to universities, educational institutions use edtech to provide modern teaching methods. Classroom performance systems, for example, combine several educational technologies to create an interactive learning environment. Instead of taking quizzes with paper and pencil, students can answer questions in real-time using a laptop or tablet. Edutainment tools, such as videos and games, help keep students engaged.

Modern Edtech Trends

In 2020, remote learning replaced in-person education as the pandemic forced students and teachers to stay at home. Virtual learning environments, or VLEs, quickly replaced physical classrooms so students could learn online.

While teachers and students eventually returned to schools, 2020 marked a leap forward in remote learning technologies. Many of these technologies, such as Zoom meetings and online classroom portals, continue to be used today.

NOTE: Edtech may also be written "EdTech" or "EduTech." However, "edtech" has become increasingly common because it is consistent with similar terms, such as "fintech" and "biotech."

Updated April 27, 2021 by Per C.

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