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Stands for "Enterprise Unified Process." EUP is a software development methodology that helps companies create software in an structured and organized manner. It is an extension of the Rational Unified Process (RUP), adding two new development phases -- Production and Retirement. Since the RUP includes four phases, the EUP consists of six phases:

  1. Inception - The idea for the project is stated. The development team determines if the project is worth pursuing and what resources will be needed.

  2. Elaboration - The project's architecture and required resources are further evaluated. Developers consider possible applications of the software and costs associated with the development.

  3. Construction - The project is developed and completed. The software is designed, written, and tested.

  4. Transition - The software is released to the public. Final adjustments or updates are made based on feedback from end users.

  5. Production - Software is kept useful and productive after being released to the public. Developers make sure the product continues to run on all supported systems and support staff provides assistance to users.

  6. Retirement - The product is removed from production, often called "decommissioning." It can either be replaced or simply no longer supported. The release of a new version of software often coincides with the retirement phase of an older version.

For more information on the EUP, visit the Enterprise Unified Process Home Page.

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