In the IT world, a developer is a person who creates something with a computer. The term encompasses many types of content, such as software, websites, and written material. Therefore, developers are often have more specific titles. Some common examples include software developers, web developers, and content developers.

Software Developer

A software developer is someone who creates software programs. Software developers often have more specific titles, such as programmer, software analyst, or software engineer. A software programmer, for example, is someone who writes source code that can be run as a script or compiled into an executable program. A software analyst provides the requirements and specifications for a software program and may also assist in programming the software. A software engineer is the person who designs applications from the ground up and often oversees the development of software programs.

Web Developer

A web developer is a person who builds and maintains websites. Technically, he or she can perform more specialized web development tasks, such as coding HTML, writing CSS, and publishing content online. Though web design is a subcategory of web development, web designers may also be called web developers since there is a lot of overlap between the two professions. A person who maintains the content of a website and replies to visitor emails is called a webmaster.

Software and web developers are often categorized as frontend or backend developers. Frontend refers to layout and user interface design, while backend refers to actual coding, including scripting and database queries. Someone who handles both frontend and backend development is a "full stack developer."

Content Developer

A content developer, also called a content producer, is someone who creates publishable content. This is often web-based content, though it may be material for a printed publication such as a magazine or technical manual as well. The content typically includes original text which may be published as a news story, blog, or other type of article. It may also contain images or video clips that are relevant to the article.

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