Tumblr is a microblogging website that allows you to create and follow blogs. Unlike traditional blogging websites, Tumblr encourages short posts, such as a single photo or a few sentences of text. The goal is to make blogging quick and easy, enabling users to post frequent updates.

Tumblr is also more community-oriented than other blogging websites, offering a number of social features. For example, you can follow other users, "like" specific posts, and "reblog" updates from other users. The optional "Reply" and "Ask" features allow you to let other users comment on your blogs or ask questions. There is also a Fan Mail feature that allows you to communicate privately with other bloggers.

If you want other Tumblr users to interact directly with one of your blogs, you can create a group blog. When you add other users as members, they can post their own updates and reply to posts made by other members. You can also promote members to admins, giving them permissions similar to a web forum moderator. Admins can invite and remove users, delete posts, and view private messages.

Like other social media websites, in order to use Tumblr, you first need to create an account. After registering with your email address and choosing a username, Tumblr guides you through creating your first blog and following three others. Once you've completed the initial steps, you can use the Tumblr dashboard to browse or search blogs and post your own updates.

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