A website is a collection of webpages grouped together using the same domain name and operated by the same person or organization. You can access a website using a web browser by entering its URL directly or by clicking a link to it from another website.

For example, is a website, while is a single webpage on that website.

A web server (or several web servers working together) hosts a website by storing its webpages and other resources and making it accessible to anyone through the World Wide Web. Websites are organized around a single home page, which is accessible by entering the website's root URL. From the home page, you can navigate around a website by using its navigation links or search fields.

Websites are often built around a single topic or with a single purpose, like giving information about a topic or business, operating an online storefront, or providing a social networking service. Websites can provide either static or dynamic content; static pages are written and stored on a web server as HTML, while dynamic pages are generated on-demand using content in a database. Some websites serve a combination of static and dynamic content based on the particular webpage that a user is visiting.

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