A blog (short for "web log") is a type of website that consists of regularly-published posts — articles, journal entries, links to websites and articles, and other types of text-based content. A blog is typically maintained by a single person or a small group of contributors; it may focus on a single subject or cover a wide variety of topics based on the author's experiences, opinions, and expertise. The word "blog" may also be used as a verb to mean the act of writing and posting content to a blog, and people who write blogs are known as bloggers.

Blogs are one of the most common forms of website on the Internet, and it is estimated that out of nearly 2 billion total websites, 600 million are blogs. People write blogs covering a wide variety of topics and interests, like fashion, technology, food, travel, and current events; no matter how niche a topic is, there is likely someone blogging about it. Some bloggers are prolific and update their sites several times a week (or even multiple times a day), but it is also common for someone writing a blog as a side project to update it irregularly without a set schedule.

Blogging platforms like WordPress provide a technical backend for bloggers to create their sites. While these platforms require some configuration, a blogger does not need to write their own content management system or page template, so they can instead focus on writing their content. These platforms also allow bloggers to engage with their audience and build a community by asking readers to leave comments and contribute to the discussion. However, comment sections require the blogger to moderate the content of comments to prevent spam and other bad behavior.

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