Mac (formerly Macintosh) is a line of desktop and laptop computers developed by Apple. Each Mac computer runs a version of macOS, Apple's computer operating system. As of 2023, nearly the entire lineup runs on custom-designed Apple Silicon processors.

The original Macintosh, released in 1984, was the first personal computer to have a graphical user interface or GUI. It was a small beige all-in-one machine with a 9-inch monochrome CRT display, sold with a bundled mouse and keyboard. Over the years, Apple has released many new models of Macs in many different form factors, including desktop computers, portable laptops, and all-in-one models. When the original iMac was introduced, the product line's name also changed from Macintosh to just Mac.

The current Mac line (as of 2023) includes the following models:

  • MacBook Air - A lightweight, portable computer designed for general use and travel
  • MacBook Pro - A more-powerful portable computer aimed at pro users
  • iMac - An all-in-one desktop designed for home, business, and educational users
  • Mac Mini - A compact system unit designed for general use, popular as a home / small business server
  • Mac Studio - A small, high-power desktop computer aimed at professional users.
  • Mac Pro - A professional full-tower system unit, aimed at professional users that need an expandable computer

NOTE: While Macs are technically personal computers, the term "PC" is often reserved for computers that run Windows or Linux; for decades, "Mac vs PC" was a hot subject of online debate. Unlike PCs, which can be built by different companies and packed with a licensed version of Windows, Apple designs and manufactures all models of Mac.

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