Apple is a technology company based in Cupertino, California. It was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. The company makes Macintosh computers, such as the iMac, Mac mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro, and Mac Pro. Apple also manufactures several personal electronic devices, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple Watch.

While Apple is most known for its hardware devices, it also develops a wide range of software programs. Examples include the macOS operating system, the Safari web browser, and the iWork apps (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote). Apple also develops a few professional media applications, including Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro.

In addition to hardware and software, Apple offers several subscription services. Examples include iCloud, Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple News+, and Apple Fitness+. Apple also has over 500 retail stores worldwide, which offer Apple products and provide Apple product support.

NOTE: In 2007, Apple changed the company name from "Apple Computer" to just "Apple," which reflected the broadening product lines. Apple launched the first iPhone on June 29, 2007.

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