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Font Case

Font case describes how characters are capitalized within a word or phrase. "Font" refers to the typeface used to display the letters, while "case" refers to the capitalization of each letter. The following are examples of different font cases, displayed in the corresponding style.

  1. UPPER CASE - every character is capitalized
  2. lower case - no letters are capitalized
  3. Sentence case - the first letter of the first word in a sentence is capitalized
  4. Title Case - the first letter of each word is capitalized
  5. CamelCase - the first letter of each word within a compound word is capitalized
  6. toGGLe caSe - random characters are capitalized

Different font cases are appropriate for different applications. For example, sentence case is the grammatically correct way to type a sentence. Title case is used for proper names and titles of articles. Upper case (also "uppercase" or "all caps") can be used to bring attention to a specific word or phrase. Lower case (also "lowercase") is commonly used in online chat and text messaging since it provides a faster way to type messages. Toggle case is commonly used to modify to appearance of a handle or online identity, such as an eSports player name. CamelCase is a standard naming convention used in programming languages.

It is important to pay attention to font case when communicating with others. For example, while lower case may be acceptable in an SMS text message, it is considered unprofessional to use lower case when corresponding via email. Typing multiple words in upper case makes it SEEM LIKE YOU ARE SHOUTING. Therefore, keeping caps lock off and using the Shift key appropriately will help you communicate more effectively.

NOTE: In Mac OS X, you can select Edit → Transformations while working in a text editor to apply a specific font case to a block of selected text. Options include Make Upper Case, Make Lower Case, and Capitalize (which transforms the selected text to title case).

Updated: March 25, 2013

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