Stands for "Information Technology."

IT is the general term for the use and management of computing technology in businesses and other organizations. Strictly defined, Information Technology focuses on the storage, retrieval, and processing of information. More frequently, it refers to the department and workers in those organizations responsible for installing and maintaining computers and networks.

In addition to managing information, many IT departments are also responsible for their business's telecommunications technology. Corporate email and telephone services are part of IT, as are a business's Internet and internal networking operations.

IT Roles

Corporate IT departments handle a lot more than simply setting up printers and resetting forgotten passwords. Roles and responsibilities within an IT department are generally organized into three main categories.

  • Operations roles handle the day-to-day IT work like tech support, device management, and system software maintenance. Most workers' interactions with their IT department is with people in this role.
  • Infrastructure roles are responsible for the physical setup and maintenance of IT equipment like network cabling, servers, routers, and individual workstations. In addition to physical hardware, infrastructure roles may also be responsible for writing and updating proprietary software.
  • Governance involves the design of policies and procedures for IT work. Proper governance of an IT system ensures that the services provided match the needs of the business as a whole.
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