Vlog is short for "video blog" and is pronounced "vlog" (one syllable). A vlog is a blog, or web log, that includes video clips. It may be entirely video-based or may include both video and written commentary. Several types of vlogs are available on the Web, including instructional videos, travel updates, and personal commentaries.

People who create vlogs are known as "vloggers." Some vloggers post videos for fun, while others run vlogs for the purpose of generating revenue through advertisements. While it's possible to set up a vlog website, many vloggers post their vlogs on YouTube since it makes their videos easier to find. Additionally, YouTube offers free video hosting, which means vloggers can post unlimited videos without paying web hosting fees.

In order to create a vlog, all you need is a video camera, an Internet connection, and a good idea. While a simple cell phone video camera can get the job done, a standalone HD video camera will produce much higher quality videos. You can publish videos as often as you like, though if you decide to maintain a blog, it helps to post them at consistent intervals, such as once a day or once a week. This helps your viewers know when new videos will be available, which makes them more likely to continue visiting your vlog.

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