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Stands for "Device Under Test" and is pronounced "D-U-T." A DUT is a product or component that is undergoing testing. The testing phase often takes place before a product is sold or after it is repaired. A DUT may also be a prototype that is not meant to be sold, but is tested until it brakes or fails.

Quality control engineers often test electronic devices before they are packaged and sold. They may test random devices or every device that is manufactured. Some tests are performed manually, while others may be conducted using robotics or scientific measuring tools. Below are examples of DUT tests that might be run on a newly manufactured product:

  1. Does the device turn on?
  2. Does the screen work as expected?
  3. Does the device accept input?
  4. Is the device's output correct?
  5. Is the size and shape within the acceptable range?

DUTs are also used for reliability testing. These devices may be prototypes, random samples from a batch of products, or devices that have already been in use. The goal of reliability testing is to gauge the typical lifespan of a product and what operating conditions are acceptable. Below are examples of DUT reliability tests:

  1. How long does the device run before encountering an error?
  2. Which component in the device is the first to fail?
  3. What is the safe temperature range in which to operate the device?
  4. Do other devices interfere with the operation of the device?
  5. How durable is the device when bumped or dropped?

DUTs used for reliability testing are pushed to their limits and often their breaking point. These devices are discarded or recycled after being tested. Repaired and refurbished products undergo less rigorous testing. Refurbished DUTs are typically sold or placed back in use if they pass the testing phase.

Updated: November 29, 2019

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