RADCAB is a mnemonic acronym that helps people evaluate information found online. It was created by Karen Christensson, a library media specialist, for helping students research topics on the Web. However, the acronym can be used by anyone who needs to look up information online.

Each letter of RADCAB represents a means of evaluating information:

  • Relevancy - Is the information relevant to my topic or research question?
  • Appropriateness - Is the information appropriate to my age and values?
  • Detail - Does the information contain enough detail for the subject I am researching?
  • Currency - How recently was the information written or published?
  • Authority - Who is the author and what are his or her credentials?
  • Bias - Is the information written only to inform or is it meant to be persuasive?

To learn more about RADCAB and its many uses, visit RADCAB.com.

Updated October 28, 2006 by Per C.

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