Multimedia is the integration of multiple types of media into a single presentation or package — text, images, video, and audio. Multimedia may even include interactive elements. The term may also refer to software used to create multimedia projects.

As the power of personal computers expanded in the 1990s, multimedia software. Computers could play high-quality digital audio and video, and CD-ROM discs had enough storage capacity to provide it. Computer games were among the first titles to take advantage of that by adding video cutscenes, and CD-based encyclopedias like Microsoft Encarta provided students with the chance to see short videos mixed into their research materials.

The combination of digital video, audio, text, and images is commonplace on the Internet today. For example, many news articles include text along with photos and videos. Presentation-making software allows you to embed animations, sound clips, and videos into a presentation (although you should still use them sparingly). Online references like Wikipedia can include videos and animations to help illustrate articles. Even music streaming software like Spotify or Apple Music mixes in animated lyrics and music videos.

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