Insertion Point

An insertion point is the location on the screen where the next character typed will be inserted. This location may be in a text document, a form field, a Web browser address bar, or anywhere else on the screen that allows text input.

The insertion point is often identified by a flashing cursor. This cursor is called an "I-beam pointer" and is shaped like a capital "I" or a long vertical line. When you type a character on the keyboard, it will appear on the screen directly to the right of the flashing cursor. The insertion point continues to move to the right as each character is entered.

You can typically change the current insertion point by clicking in a different location within a text field or word processing document. This allows you to insert or delete text wherever you click. You can also create a text selection by clicking and dragging the cursor over a block of text. When text is selected, the insertion point becomes the entire selection, meaning the next character typed will replace the currently selected text.

Updated November 22, 2010 by Per C.

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