ICQ is a popular online messaging program. It is similar to instant messaging programs like AIM and Yahoo! Messenger, but allows users to enter chat rooms and chat with multiple users at one time. Therefore, ICQ (which is short for "I seek you") is more of a community-oriented chat program than other messaging programs.

Since the program was released in 1996, ICQ has gone through several major revisions. It has evolved from a basic messaging program to a communications tool that allows users to interact in many different ways. For example, ICQ now supports voice, video, and VoIP communications and can be used to send text messages to mobile phones via SMS. Programs like ICQ2Go, the ICQ Toolbar, and ICQmail, have all been developed as additional tools for ICQ users.

ICQ remains community-oriented and offers several types of chat rooms, categorized by age, location, lifestyles, beliefs, and other classifications. Users can join chat rooms using the ICQ software or via the Web interface at ICQ.com.

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