Edutainment combines the words "education" and "entertainment." It refers to any form of entertainment that is educational. The goal of edutainment is to make learning enjoyable and fun.

Edutainment is found inside and outside of classrooms and exists across several types of media. Some are passive, while others are interactive. Examples of passive forms of edutainment include:

  • Fictional books with educational themes
  • Movies and TV shows with entertaining characters who teach viewers
  • Music and songs that help people learn
  • Fictional radio shows and podcasts designed to educate listeners

Examples of interactive edutainment include:

  • Video games designed to educate players
  • Quizzes that provide goals and rewards as users progress through each level
  • Software that allows users to compete against each other in learning exercises
  • Educational websites with interactive elements, such as clickable images and animations

Edutainment may be used to teach nearly any topic, including math, language, history, geography, and science. For example, teachers may use entertaining science videos to help students learn new concepts. Parents can use math or language software to help kids learn at home. By creating a fun learning environment, edutainment can make education easier and enjoyable.

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