Nextdoor is a social media platform that connects neighbors. It provides a way for people who live in the same local area to interact and communicate online.

While services like Facebook and Instagram allow users to build a network of friends and followers, Nextdoor automatically connects people by physical proximity. Users can see posts from anyone in their neighborhood or surrounding area, providing an open forum for neighbors.

Since Nextdoor is local community-oriented, users often post comments about their neighborhood. For example, it's commonplace to share concerns about suspicious activity. It's also an ideal platform to post a notice of a lost item or missing pet. Many cities have authorized Nextdoor accounts, which they use to provide official announcements and updates to residents.

Nextdoor also serves as a local marketplace, allowing neighbors to post items for sale. Local businesses can market their services through sponsored posts. People with similar interests can join groups and plan local events. In some ways, Nextdoor is the opposite of the metaverse since it aims to connect neighbors in the real world.

Updated January 8, 2022 by Per C.

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