How do I cite or reference definitions from

All definitions included in the Tech Terms Computer Dictionary are protected under copyright law. Therefore, you must include appropriate citations if you choose to reference definitions from in an outside source.

The easiest way to create a citation for a Tech Terms definition is to use the "Cite this definition" feature below the definition.

Below are some basic instructions for referencing in different types of publications.

1) If you reference a definition in a document published on the Web, you may place the following text with a link to after the definition:


Definition from the Tech Terms Computer Dictionary.

2) If you reference a definition from in a printed publication, you can use the following citation:


Definition from the Tech Terms Computer Dictionary (

In either of the above cases, you may add a link to the actual definition instead of a link to the home page. For example, you may include a link to "" for the Software definition. Just remember to include an accurate link to the website whenever you reference content from the Tech Terms Computer Dictionary.

3) If you choose to use MLA or APA citation guidelines, you should reference the exact page of the definition. Most definitions include a date in the lower right-hand corner of the definition. If there is no date displayed with the definition, you may use "2006" as the date. Unless required for your publication, there is no need to reference the author in the citation.

For specific instructions about how to cite using APA or MLA guidelines, view the pages below:

Additional information about the Copyright policy can be found on the Terms of Use page.