Nils-Henrik Garofoli-Tjikkom

Nils-Henrik Garofoli-Tjikkom joined the TechTerms team in 2024, bringing a lifelong passion for technology rooted in his early years in rural Norway. Receiving his first computer in 1994 at age seven and exploring the internet via a 56k dial-up modem in 1997, he developed a deep interest in digital technology.

Over the years, Nils-Henrik has managed various pop-up IRC networks, home networks, LAN parties, as well as accommodating websites of personal interest, demonstrating a knack for networking and online communities. Professionally, he's made a mark as a senior security consultant in Norway, focusing on cyber security and penetration testing. His expertise and enthusiasm make him a valuable addition to the TechTerms editorial team.


Nils-Henrik currently holds a higher vocational degree in Network and IT Security from Noroff Vocational School from Oslo, Norway.

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