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About Tech Terms

Tech Terms is a free online dictionary of computer and Internet terms. The original Tech Terms site launched in 2005 and it has been growing ever since. Tech Terms definitions are available via the web as well as from mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The goal of Tech Terms is simple — we want to make technical terms easy to understand. Instead of using high-level terminology, Tech Terms definitions are written in simple everday language. We also believe that while definitions of computer terms are helpful, simple explanations of terms with examples are even better. Therefore, most definitions on TechTerms.com include real-life examples of how the term is used.

Tech Factor

Some terms in the Tech Terms Computer Dictionary are commonly used and require little technical knowledge to understand. Others are less common and may have definitions that contain more advanced terminology. For this reason, each definition includes a "Tech Factor" rating from 1 to 10. Terms with low tech factors are basic terms that are well known, while terms with high tech factors are more advanced and are not used as often.


If you have questions about using the Tech Terms website or mobile apps, please visit the Help Center where you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you have other inquiries or would like to suggest a term, please contact us.


Per Christensson is the author of all Tech Terms definitions.