September 2022 Quizzes

September 1Which of the following is not a step in building an app?
September 2Which of the following is an old online chat program?
September 3What does the X in XaaS stand for?
September 4NoSQL is a type of what?
September 5Which of the following best describes email bankruptcy?
September 6Which of the following may evaluate as NaN in a spreadsheet program?
September 7What type of hardware is not removable?
September 8Resetting a hardware device to the original configuration is also called what?
September 9Enterprise storage is sometimes referred to as what?
September 10The northbridge connects directly to what other component inside a computer?
September 11Which of the following is an organization that publishes technology standards?
September 12The uplink port on a router is designed to connect to what?
September 13Which key allows you to jump between fields in a web form?
September 14MIME types are also called what?
September 15Which of the following best describes an NFT?
September 16Which of the following best describes a keystroke?
September 17ICT stands for Information and ______ Technology?
September 18Which of the following best describes cloud waste?
September 19Which of the following is an encryption technology?
September 20Which of the following is NOT a stage in the ITIL service lifecycle?
September 21What does "desk checking" a program involve?
September 22Which of the following is an expansion card interface?
September 23EXIF data is recorded by what type of device?
September 24In what year did Apple release Mac OS 10.4 Tiger?
September 25DMA stands for Direct ____ Access?
September 26JSF is a Java Server framework designed for creating what?
September 27What contains 1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176 bytes?
September 28What type of hardware's physical size is measured in "U" values?
September 29What does a PUK code unlock?
September 30Which of the following is synonymous with the data retrieval method "FIFO"?