August 2022 Quizzes

August 1The REST acronym is often used to describe a type of what?
August 2What type of network is most likely to use Bluetooth communication?
August 3Trinitron was a display technology developed by what company?
August 4A timestamp contains what two values?
August 52FA is shorthand for what?
August 6Which software might be used to create a virtual machine?
August 7Which component of a Mac manages the PRAM?
August 8The CPL metric in advertising stands for cost per ____?
August 9What is the operator in the equation 3 + 4 = 7?
August 10Digital signals are often contrasted with what other type of signal?
August 11Which acronym refers to a type of graphical user interface (GUI)?
August 12A data type that can store multiple values is called what?
August 13Which of the following must be unique within a user account database?
August 14Apps that can be run without being installed are also called what?
August 15A URL that doesn't change is also called what?
August 16Which the following is a valid HTML tag?
August 17A TKL keyboard is missing what type of keys?
August 18What was the final version of Apple's "OS X" operating system?
August 19Every device that connects to a cellular network has a unique ID called what?
August 20The octal value 321 is equal to what decimal number?
August 21What operating system did Microsoft release in 2001?
August 22The primary processor in a computer is also known as what?
August 23Which acronym is a type of storage array?
August 24Pop-up tools in Windows 11, such as calendar, weather, and to-do lists are called what?
August 25Shifting MIDI notes to specific beats, such as 1/8 and /16 notes, is called what?
August 26Elements in an XML document are defined by what?
August 27Which programming language is designed for web scripting?
August 28Emoticons are composed of what?
August 29An influencer uses what medium to promote products?
August 30Cat 6 is a specific standard of what type of cable?
August 31What are metaheuristics in software programming?