July 2022 Quizzes

July 1ERP software is designed for what type of industry?
July 2Database searches are also called what?
July 3What component includes a program counter and an instruction register?
July 4What was the final version of macOS 10.x?
July 5A virtual machine saved state may also be called what?
July 6What type of memory is dedicated to graphics processing?
July 7What Internet activity uses the SMTP protocol?
July 8Which technology can merge multiple storage devices into a single volume?
July 9An event notification delivered over a web protocol is called what?
July 10Which of the following is a subset of SQL?
July 11What key combination is used to reset the PRAM on a Mac at startup?
July 12Which of the following file systems was developed by Apple?
July 13Replicating data across multiple storage locations provides data ____?
July 14What type of document stores data in cells?
July 15What symbol is often used as a modulus operator?
July 16GIS tools capture what type of data?
July 17Which of the following might have a landing page?
July 18Which of the following is a type of three-dimensional model?
July 19TCP is considered what type of protocol?
July 20Which of the following is a storage device technology?
July 21The "ed" in "edtech" refers to what?
July 22An intuitive UI creates a positive what?
July 23Which of the following is a standard model for transferring data over the web?
July 24Which electronic device is most similar to a surge protector?
July 25How are messages sent over the SOAP protocol formatted?
July 26Big Sur was also known as which version of macOS?
July 27What is the purpose of the NFS networking standard?
July 28Which of the following technologies is used to render 3D graphics?
July 29Which of the following is a valid IPv4 address?
July 30A gaming controller with a handheld lever is called what?
July 31Which of the following is a subset of the 4G cellular transmission standard?