June 2022 Quizzes

June 1Which of the following is an example of an HMD?
June 2What technology allows developers to run SQL queries within Java applications?
June 3Blu-ray discs are what type of media?
June 4Which online activity is an example of social engineering?
June 5What does the "64" in X86-64 processor architecture represent?
June 6What is the purpose of a USB hub?
June 7The server that sends content to CDN edge nodes is called what?
June 8Which of the following is a type of hard drive?
June 9What are the operands in the equation 2.5 x 3 = 7.5?
June 10Image compression that causes visual "artifacting" is called what?
June 11Which term describes software that is not open source or freely licensed?
June 12The GNU General Public License is designed for what type of software?
June 13A Windows .MSI file is what kind of file?
June 14Pi is an example of what type of number?
June 15Netflix and Amazon Prime media content is aslo called what?
June 16Which of the following is not a valid private IP address?
June 17What function does Microsoft IIS perform?
June 18Twitch provides what type of service?
June 19A DVD is what type of media?
June 20Which of the following is an eBook reader?
June 21Serif and sans-serif are types of what?
June 22Which of the following is a type of data structure?
June 23What does a LiDAR instrument measure?
June 24A read-only file cannot be _____?
June 25Which of the following is the standard way to represent a tuple?
June 26What is app testing done by users who are not familiar with the software called?
June 27What two things are linked together by a file association?
June 28Which company developed the AdSense website advertising platform?
June 29Which of the following is a video streaming platform?
June 30One petabyte is 1,000 what?