May 2022 Quizzes

May 1Software that monitors activity on your computer is called what?
May 2WordPress is a popular type of what?
May 3Which of the following is a video format?
May 4Which occupation focuses most closely on SERPs?
May 5A comuputer virus that replicates itself and spreads through a network is called what?
May 6Which statement about animated GIFs is false?
May 7What type of file is used for virtual memory?
May 8ATA is a type of connection used by what component?
May 9Machine code is what type of language?
May 10Which of the following is a type of flash storage?
May 11A link to your profile on a social media site is also called what?
May 12Which of the following is not a Unix-like operating system?
May 13Which protocol routes data transmissions over the Internet?
May 14RISC and CISC are types of what?
May 15ECC memory is also called what?
May 16Which application includes a feature called motion tweening?
May 17Which of the following was a forerunner to search engines?
May 18Which of the following is a multimedia framework developed by Apple?
May 19What is a facility that houses a large number of servers called?
May 20Properties and methods can be assigned to which of the following entities?
May 21Which verb describes replacing an existing block of text with a new one?
May 22Which image format can be scaled larger without losing quality?
May 23If a device is disconnected from the Internet, it is said to be what?
May 24What type of message notifies an app that it must access data from virtual memory?
May 25A software-based machine that runs Java programs is also called what?
May 26The IEEE 802.3 standard is also known as what?
May 27VPN networks create encrypted private connections via what method?
May 28What is Google's online storage solution called?
May 29How many keys does a typical numeric keypad have?
May 30What is the purpose of edge caching?
May 31Which company was not a manufacturer of "IBM compatible" PCs?