April 2022 Quizzes

April 1What is the purpose of a print server?
April 2The section of a window that includes the close and minimize buttons is called what?
April 3Which is the maximum data transfer rate of USB 2.0?
April 4What is the purpose of a hostname?
April 5Which application is not part of Microsoft Office?
April 6Which of the following is a rational number?
April 7News stories on Snapchat designed to entertain are considered what?
April 8Which of the following is a lighting technology?
April 9A universally unique identifier (UUID) is how many bits?
April 10Which of the following is an example of desktop software?
April 11A minicomputer is one step below what type of computer, in terms of size?
April 12What is the low-level operating system code that communicates with hardware called?
April 13A flashing vertical bar in a text field is also called what?
April 14The eSATA interface is designed for what type of component?
April 15Which Windows API is used for network communication?
April 16Which technology allows a computer to load an operating system over a network?
April 17What is another name for a portable computer?
April 18What type of cable has ratings of Cat5, Cat6, and Cat7?
April 19Which data type stores only character-based data?
April 20What type of app is most likely to have a built-in spellcheck feature?
April 21Which of the following is a cloud computing platform?
April 22Which of the following is an online advertising model based on user actions?
April 23What is an archive that consumes massive storage space when decompressed called?
April 24Martech refers to what type of technology?
April 25An program built to run in a browser is called what?
April 26Which process smoothes out digital graphics and audio?
April 27Remote procedure calls are often written in what language?
April 28Which version of Mac OS X preceded Mac OS X 10.7 Lion?
April 29CDN servers distributed around the globe are called what?
April 30Which protocol allows businesses to share services over the Internet?