March 2022 Quizzes

March 140 Mbps is how many Kbps?
March 2An interrupt request invokes a routine commonly abbreviated as what?
March 3What technology allows users to analyze data from multiple database systems at one time?
March 4Which of the following commands is typically located in the Edit menu?
March 5What company developed the JFS file system?
March 6One trillion cycles per second is equal to what?
March 7A PBX is what type of communications system?
March 8The visual appearance of an app is also called what?
March 9Which statement best describes dark mode?
March 10RAM is also known as what type of memory?
March 11Organizing electronic and A/V cables is also known as what?
March 12What is the difference between freeware and shareware?
March 13Which of the following is not a social networking service?
March 14WPA2 wireless encryption requires a password of what minimum length?
March 15Tradacoms was an early version of what type of standard?
March 16What type of file has an .AI file extension?
March 17Which service is not owned and operated by Meta Platforms?
March 18Which of the following is not a graphics language?
March 19Software testing performed by the original developer is also called what?
March 20FPU performance is measured in what?
March 21A network-connected computer is also called what?
March 22System memory swapped to an SSD or HDD is called what?
March 23In what year did Apple release the first "Apple silicon" processor?
March 24A large number of computers running related scripts is called what?
March 25System RAM is typically measured in what?
March 26Which of the following statements best describes a virus definition?
March 27Files with .txt, .rtf, and .docx file extensions are what type of files?
March 28Which of the following statements best describes cryptography?
March 29The UML 1.0 language specification was published in what year?
March 30In audio production, what setting is used to adjust specific frequencies?
March 31What was the name of the first Apple silicon processor?