February 2022 Quizzes

February 1Which is the component that keeps the CPU from overheating called?
February 2Old source code that needs to be updated to run on modern systems is called what?
February 3Which component determines the storage capacity of an Ultrabook?
February 4One EB of data is equal to how many bytes?
February 5Sierra (OS X 10.11) followed which version of OS X?
February 6What is the purpose of a template file?
February 7Which of the following services is primarily a search engine?
February 8The Finder is an essential feature of which operating system?
February 9Classes are supported by what type of programming language?
February 10Which of the following is a naming convention for network-based files?
February 11Plugin support is an example of what type of app?
February 12What of the following interfaces is symmetrical vertically and horizontally?
February 13The "e" in eSIM stands for what?
February 14Windows 10 brought back which user interface feature missing in Windows 8?
February 15Which verb describes installing an app outside an app store?
February 16DOTA, Fortnite, and StarCraft competitions are collectively known as what?
February 17Which of the following statements best describes an Internet broadcast?
February 18HiDPI describes what kind of peripheral?
February 19The header that enables persistent client-server connections is called what?
February 20Which of the following online messaging systems launched in the 1990s?
February 21Which of the following file types is an open format?
February 22Image tags are also called what?
February 23A program attempting to access memory from an invalid location might cause what?
February 24Monitors and printers are types of what?
February 25A unique purchasable digital asset is also called what?
February 26Delay caused by a slow internet connection is also known as what?
February 27What is a "backdoor" attack on a computer system?
February 28Which of the following high-level languages is the oldest?