January 2022 Quizzes

January 1Which version of Windows was the first to center the task bar by default?
January 2Which OS uses System Preferences to control system settings?
January 3An alpha channel controls what image property?
January 4An office chair that supports a comfortable upright position is called what?
January 5Which device can be unmounted from the desktop?
January 6Unicode version 13 supports roughly how many characters?
January 7IPv4 address are 32-bit, while IPv6 addresses are what?
January 8What is the name of the protocol that notifies website authors about new backlinks?
January 9What technology enables phone calls over the Internet?
January 10macOS version 12 is also known by what name?
January 11The Internet's primary high-bandwidth data paths comprise what?
January 12What security function does Secure Boot perform?
January 13What is the goal of responsive web design?
January 14What four letters start the "home row" on a QWERTY keyboard?
January 15Decryption is required to open which of the following files?
January 16An app "skin" is synonymous with what term?
January 17The space between CSS "block" elements is defined by padding and what?
January 18Which of the following is a type of integrated circuit?
January 19Which of the following is not a stage of the System Development Lifecycle?
January 20Which statement about block-based coding is true?
January 21What type of connectivity does a NIC provide?
January 22Which character is not supported the long filename (LFN) standard?
January 23What is the maximum speed of DDR4 RAM?
January 24Memory modules and processors are both types of what?
January 25Which of the following metrics describes the sharpness of a display?
January 26Which of the following combines virtual reality with an open-world multiplayer setting?
January 27The study of data is called what?
January 28What removable memory card technology was developed by Sony?
January 29Which adjective describes settings that have not been customized?
January 30Which of the following standards was superseded by HTML5?
January 31Which hardware component provides hardware-based security functions?