December 2021 Quizzes

December 1Which of the following is technically not a file system?
December 2Which file extension is used by an image file format?
December 3Selecting a form field or other user interface element is also called what?
December 4In what year did Apple release the original Macintosh computer?
December 5Which of the following is a type of database?
December 6Cat 5 Ethernet cable is rated for what maximum data transfer rate?
December 7Which of the following might cause a network collision?
December 8Which phrase is synonymous with "raw data?"
December 9Which type of malware replicates itself?
December 10The <sub> HTML tag is short for what?
December 11Which acronym describes a group of networked computers?
December 12Video game systems such as Xbox and PlayStation are technically called what?
December 13Which Unix command is used for searching text documents?
December 14What is the purpose of a Molex connection?
December 151,048,576 bytes is equal to what?
December 16Which of the following acronyms is a type of security measure?
December 17Which of the following is a valid cell reference in a spreadsheet?
December 18In what year did the iPhone first support emojis?
December 19Which channel bandwidth is not supported by Wi-Fi 6?
December 20A browser connecting to a web server is an example of what model?
December 21Which of the following is a search engine?
December 22What is the decimal value 44 in octal?
December 23A dual processor computer has two separate what?
December 24The way text is represented in binary codes is also known as what?
December 25Which operating system is developed by Google?
December 26What is the purpose of MIDI quantization?
December 27Which of the following is considered a digital asset?
December 28What type of kernel contains only basic code needed to communicate with hardware?
December 29What does a folder with the name DCIM typically contain?
December 30What type of address identities a computer connected to the Internet?
December 31Which adjective describes an outdated function in a programming language?