November 2021 Quizzes

November 1What does the online advertising metric RPM measure?
November 2Which adjective describes a Wi-Fi system with multiple routers?
November 3Which component might have an x64 architecture?
November 4What was DNSSEC created?
November 5Software testing performed by users unfamiliar with an app's source code is called what?
November 6What type of display technology is the oldest?
November 7What are individual letters in a word processing document called?
November 8Which operating system includes a user interface element called a Dock?
November 9Which of the following is NOT a type of malware?
November 10Which of the following statements about a MANET network is true?
November 11Which adjective describes a system designed to support increasing workloads?
November 12Apple removed the Dashboard in which version of macOS?
November 13What does an equalizer do to an audio signal?
November 14Creating a searchable list of records from a group data is called what?
November 15What is another name for an adapter that connects to a laptop port?
November 16Which of the following is an analog port?
November 17The Windows "BSOD" is associated with what event?
November 18NTFS superseded which file system?
November 19Hardware connections are collectively abbreviated with which letters?
November 20Which HTML element contains one or more fields and a submit button?
November 21PPL is a metric used in what industry?
November 22What is the primary characteristic of volatile memory?
November 23What word is synonymous with "mining" in data mining?
November 24A specific version of a software program may also be called what?
November 25The leet term n00b is short for what?
November 26What is a new application developed from an existing one called?
November 27What is the background image on a smartphone home screen image called?
November 28Which of the following languages uses tags to define objects?
November 29Which protocol is designed for sending email?
November 30What term describes development of a completely new software program?