October 2021 Quizzes

October 1DVD-RAM is a type of what?
October 2Which of the following is not a subset of data management?
October 3Which of the following statements best describes a microcontrolller?
October 4What is the standard location for page numbers within a document?
October 5Which term describes the vertical spacing between lines of text?
October 6Yosemite was the code name of which version of macOS?
October 7Which adjective describes a processor with two or more cores?
October 8The application design model "MVC" is short for what?
October 9Which acronym refers to landline telephones?
October 10What is a 128-bit identifier separated with four dashes called?
October 11Which adjective describes a video or meme that becomes extremely popular?
October 12What does a keylogger record?
October 13Which OS feature enables processes to communicate with each other?
October 14Which of the following is an example of a CAN network?
October 15Which service assigns a single virtual IP address (VIP) to multiple network devices?
October 16What is the theoretical maximum data transfer rate of a 5G cellular connection?
October 17Which metric measures the DPI of a digital display?
October 18Medtech is a subset of which technology category?
October 19Which of the following describes the arrangement of devices on a computer network?
October 20Which of the following statements best describes middleware?
October 21An e-reader's form factor is similar to what type of device?
October 22What of the following services provides a private network connection?
October 23Which HTTP error code represents a "Forbidden" error?
October 24Network jitter refers to intermittent variations in what?
October 25Which protocol is designed specifically for transmitting audio and video?
October 26Which Wi-Fi standard was officially published in 2009?
October 27Which term refers to a group of sectors on a storage device?
October 28Which of the following is an example of white box testing?
October 29Which audio file format provides the highest compression ratio?
October 30A network card has a unique identifier also known as what?
October 31A SIM card has a unique identifier known as what?