September 2021 Quizzes

September 1What is a device that functions as a bridge and a router called?
September 2What is the purpose of a hypervisor?
September 3What does the letter "I" in I/O stand for?
September 4Which two interfaces made the ISA expansion bus obsolete?
September 5User space is typically separated from other memory space called what?
September 6The Apple IIe was introduced in January of what year?
September 7What application uses the .XLSX file extension for its native file format?
September 8What does it mean when a software program is EOL?
September 9Compiled apps are run, while uncompiled scripts are ____?
September 10Cinepak, MPEG-2, H.264, and VP8 are types of what?
September 11How many bits does a VPI header in an ATM cell contain?
September 12What is a transmission from a single sender to one recipient called?
September 13A port on a hardware device is also called what?
September 14Intel Pentium and AMD Athlon processors both use what processor architecture?
September 15What is the purpose of an email outbox?
September 16What is the central location of a passive optical network (PON) called?
September 17Which of the following statements best describes bloatware?
September 18What is the purpose of the domain name system (DNS)?
September 19Which of the following statements best describes downtime?
September 20What does HDR stand for, in reference to a television or computer display?
September 21A router port designed to connect to a modem or another router is called what?
September 22A whole number that can be positive, negative, or zero is also called what?
September 23What is memory that gets swapped from RAM to a storage device called?
September 24Writing HTML source code for a website is what type of development?
September 25What capability does GPGPU provide?
September 26In what year was the first version of Unix released?
September 27How many horizontal lines of resolution does a standard HD display have?
September 28Which of the following statements best describes a virtual IP address (VIP)?
September 29In data storage, a "volume" is another name for what?
September 30What acronym is not an online advertising metric?