August 2021 Quizzes

August 1Running several threads at once is also called what?
August 2PNG and RTF are examples of what?
August 3InterNIC was superseded by what organization?
August 4Which type of user authentication is not a biometric method?
August 5Handsfree technology in automobiles uses which technology?
August 6Which technology is used for linking data storage facilities over TCP/IP?
August 7One cycle per second is also known as one what?
August 8One TFLOPS is equal to how many gigaflops?
August 9Which of the following is an esports gathering?
August 10Which of the following is a type of hardware expansion bus?
August 11Which of the following is a type of telecommunications network?
August 12Which of the following is an example of NAS?
August 13In computer programming, a stored value that can change is called what?
August 14The minimum DPI threshold for a HiDPI monitor is around what value?
August 15Which of the following is a type of Internet connection?
August 16Which of the following best describes a mutual link between two sites?
August 17What is hidden data that describes a file's contents called?
August 18Collection and analysis of computer data as criminal evidence is called what?
August 19What action does a window button with a horizontal line perform?
August 201,000 bytes is equal to one what?
August 21Which Unix command sends a basic request to check if a server is responsive?
August 22Which device is designed to communicate over traditional phone lines?
August 23What type of software is specifically targeted at page layout designers?
August 24What type of device might contain an eSIM?
August 25Software with publicly available source code is called what?
August 26Which adjective describes an image with different shades of a single color?
August 27Which of the following industries is a subset of biotech?
August 28Which component is a type of storage device?
August 29Which of the following is an example of a bot?
August 30Which of the following is a type of file system?
August 31Which of the following best describes a software container?