July 2021 Quizzes

July 1The HDMI interface was designed for what type of devices?
July 2Which term describes the maximum data transfer rate of a network connection?
July 3Small toggle switches used to configure hardware devices are also called what?
July 4One Gbps is the same as how many bps?
July 5Which of the following statements about a null character is true?
July 6What is a file that describes one or more other files called?
July 7When processes can finish in an unexpected order, it is also called what?
July 8Which of the following was a popular social networking website in the early 2000s?
July 9Websites that require authentication often use what as your user ID?
July 10Which key on the numeric keypad is used as "Down Arrow" when Num Lock is off?
July 11How many technology standards has IEEE developed?
July 12What is the purpose of the Keep-Alive header sent over HTTP?
July 13What language is commonly used to run scripts in a web browser window?
July 14Facebook was originally targeted at what group of people?
July 15Which of the following is an example of brownfield development?
July 16Mixed reality combines aspects virtual reality and what?
July 17Which Wi-Fi standard is also known as the fifth generation fo Wi-Fi?
July 18Which company acquired MySQL in 2010?
July 19EIDE was a popular type of what computer component?
July 20Which of the following is most likely to only have a single webpage?
July 21Domain names and file paths use a specific format called what?
July 22Which of the following is an example of frontend website development?
July 23What term describes a variable with no value assigned to it?
July 24Which of the following is an example of a mashup?
July 25The FDDI networking specifications were standardized in what decade?
July 26Which of the following is a type of Unix shell?
July 27Applications and services offered over the Internet is also called what?
July 28Which of the following is a social media platform?
July 29Which of the following allows multiple devices to share a network connection?
July 30Which of the following is an example of software localization?
July 31The frame around the edge of a TV is also called what?