June 2021 Quizzes

June 1One billionth of a meter is also known as what?
June 2Which application might be categorized as PIM software?
June 3The 802.11b Wi-Fi standard operates on what frequency?
June 4Which of the following is a virtual reality device?
June 5What version of macOS followed Mojave?
June 6When was bitcoin introduced as a digital currency?
June 7What two ports does FTP use?
June 8Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are developed by what company?
June 9Which version of macOS followed High Sierra?
June 10What is the purpose of an NSP?
June 11What type of device might is considered secondary memory?
June 12Artificial intelligence that "learns" over time is also called what?
June 13What is a network that spans a large area, such as a town or city, called?
June 14Which of the following best describes a passphrase?
June 15Which of the following statements best describes document grinding?
June 16Which company creating the Java programming language?
June 17Which of the following is not a valid hexadecimal value?
June 18What is another name for a person who only uses high-end computing equipment?
June 19Which version of macOS was also known as macOS 11?
June 20What is the opposite of encryption?
June 21Network ping is a good indicator of what?
June 22Which of the following is a compressed audio file format?
June 23Which of the following best describes a CLI user interface?
June 24An image that circulates around the Internet with multiple captions is called what?
June 25Which of the following contains a single binary value of 0 or 1?
June 26Which of the following data storage units of measurement is the largest?
June 27What is another name for a program extension?
June 28Which component contains a DAC?
June 29Which technology did IBM introduce in 1983?
June 30Which technology operates over HDMI and Micro-USB ports?