May 2021 Quizzes

May 1Command+S is the standard Mac keyboard shortcut for what command?
May 2What is the standard port number assigned to HTTP?
May 3A security vulnerability that bypasses typical authentication methods is called what?
May 4The resolution of a halftone image is measured in what?
May 5Which acronym describes a computer interface with a desktop and icons?
May 6Which file extension is used by Adobe Photoshop plugins?
May 7What is the first natural number?
May 8Which device contains a component called a fuser unit?
May 9macOS Sierra followed which version of Apple's operating system?
May 10What type of file has a .7Z extension?
May 11Which organization develops standards for encoding digital audio and video?
May 12When a software error causes a device not to start up, it is called what?
May 13What are objects called in the Java programming language?
May 14What is an example of hypermedia?
May 15Which of the following is an example of a MIME type?
May 16What does text kerning adjust?
May 17What are the computer specifications required to run a software program called?
May 18The GIGO acronym describes what kind of output?
May 19Which type of component might have a clock speed specification?
May 20What is software that is developed but never released called?
May 21Which term refers to education-focused technology?
May 22Which device might have a boot sector?
May 23Which technology requires a microphone?
May 24Which of the following is a specific type of DVD media?
May 25An HTML tag used solely for informational purposes is called what?
May 26The wavelength of a signal is calculated by dividing velocity by what?
May 27Which statement about datagrams is false?
May 28How many mebibytes are in a gibibyte?
May 29What wireless technology does Apple Pay use?
May 30What is Nvidia's parallel computing platform called?
May 31What is the purposes of buffering a video stream?