April 2021 Quizzes

April 1In what year did Google acquire YouTube?
April 2Which of the following describes an Ethernet connection's pin configuration?
April 3Which of the following is used to verify the integrity of a file or disk image?
April 4What is the purpose of the VCI data within an ATM cell?
April 5The HDV video format uses what type of compression?
April 6What type of input does the NINO acronym describe?
April 7The "long" data type stores what type of value?
April 8What is an OS running in an emulator like Parallels Desktop called?
April 9What are multiple title bars in a single window called?
April 10Which of the following is a subset of 4G wireless technology?
April 11Which of the following is an example of ERP software?
April 12What type of component might use NAND technology?
April 13A mobile-friendly website must function well on what type of device?
April 14What type of port does the iPhone 12 have?
April 15What component may be categorized as x86-64?
April 16Which of the following opens a network connection for an application?
April 17Favorites in Microsoft Edge are the same as what in other browsers?
April 180 รท 0 produces what result?
April 19Which program might be categorized as vertical market software?
April 20Amazon's Kindle is designed primarily for what activity?
April 21Which of the following runs Java applications?
April 22What is the purpose of HDMI passthrough?
April 23Which file format offers lossless compression?
April 24The process of installing software on multiple machines is called what?
April 25Which of the following is a component that enables a device to connect to a network?
April 26Which of the following statements best describes a circuit?
April 27Which of the following is an example of fintech?
April 28What is another name for a variable that acts a stop/continue signal within a function?
April 29What is the process of trimming extra spaces and line breaks out of source code called?
April 30What is a webpage linked from an online advertisement is called?