March 2021 Quizzes

March 1A LAMP testing environment includes Linux, Apache, MySQL, and what?
March 2What term describes a video signal that updates alternating lines on each refresh?
March 3Which term describes posting brief and often frequent updates online?
March 4A DTD defines the tags and attributes in what type of file?
March 5What is another name for removable storage hardware?
March 6How is "leet" written in leetspeak?
March 7What adjective describes a pre-release version of a software program?
March 8What data structure does Linux use to store data about individual files?
March 9Which of the following is a programming language?
March 10What is a hardware device used for authentication purposes called?
March 11A house that includes several remotely-controlled devices is called what?
March 12What is the IEEE number for the Firewire standard?
March 13Someone who regularly posts videos online is called what?
March 14In the equation 2+7=9, 2 and 7 are known as what?
March 15Passive-matrix and active-matrix are two types of what?
March 16Which of the following is a simplified version of FTP?
March 17Which of the following was a popular email auto-sending program in the 1990s?
March 18Android is based on which operating system?
March 19What is the most common "Full HD" video resolution?
March 20Two different types of video output standards are interlaced and what?
March 21An Ultrabook is a type of what?
March 22Which of the following is an email authentication technology?
March 23Which of the following is a cross-browser JavaScript API?
March 24Which of the following defines a set of universal networking protocols?
March 25What type of action is considered a secondary mouse click?
March 26Which of the following is an example of horizontal market software?
March 27A mouse wheel is most commonly used for what?
March 28Which of the following is a data storage unit?
March 29What CSS feature is used to create responsive websites?
March 30Which of the following best describes a zip bomb?
March 31Humans can hear sounds up to what frequency?