February 2021 Quizzes

February 1Cat 5e Ethernet supports data transfer rates up to what speed?
February 21,000 Mbps is equal to what?
February 3The process of freeing up unused memory is also called what?
February 4What type of card is used as a SIM card in smartphones?
February 5An SSID is used to authenticate connections to what?
February 6Which statement about LED and OLED technology is true?
February 7What type of device might have a parallel port?
February 8A digitally recorded date and time is also called what?
February 9Which of the following is a programming language?
February 10What is the correct abbreviation for a kilobit?
February 11What type of malware asks you to pay a fee to access files on your computer?
February 12Which of the following is a modern version of a PC BIOS interface?
February 13What is the purpose of a service-oriented architecture (SOA)?
February 14ZIF is a type of socket used for what component?
February 15What is another name for a row of links in the header of a webpage?
February 16Ultra DMA transfers data through which controller?
February 17Which website metric is most likely to be the highest?
February 18QuickTime is what type of technology?
February 19Microsoft Dynamics is considered what type of software?
February 20What data transfer rate does Cat 6 Ethernet cable support?
February 21What feature is not available in the Instagram app?
February 22Active-matrix is a type of what peripheral device?
February 23What data transfer rate does Gigabit Ethernet support?
February 24What statement about XML is false?
February 25Adobe applications store edits to camera raw images in what type of file?
February 26What is another name for an intranet website?
February 27What type of server provides only DNS information?
February 28Which of the following was not a synonym for "Windows computer" in the late 1990s?