January 2021 Quizzes

January 1What is the only good reason to not back up your data today?
January 2What is the opposite of a proprietary file format?
January 3An standard bitmap image has what file extension?
January 4In computer programming, the "\n" character typically represents what?
January 5What system handles network monitoring, device detection, and device management?
January 6WPA2 is used to encrypt data transmissions over what type of connection?
January 7What statement best describes "flexible" software?
January 8A data transmission from a single source to multiple recipients is called what?
January 9Which of the following is a type of malware?
January 10What function key is commonly used as a Help shortcut in Windows programs?
January 11In what state was the Gopher search technology developed?
January 12What graphics API is developed by Microsoft?
January 13Comment sections below articles on webpages are a modern version of what?
January 14What is the purpose of ICS technology?
January 15What is another name of a LAN or WLAN within a home?
January 16Which of the following is a type of printer?
January 17What is a technical document that explains a new technology called?
January 18Which of the following is an output device?
January 19Which of the following adjustments applies to a grayscale image?
January 20Which acronym is an operation that allocates free space on an SSD?
January 21Principles that establish heuristics are called what?
January 22What does it mean if an app can be used offline?
January 23Distributing computing power and bandwidth across multiple systems is called what?
January 24Which of the following is not used to measure processor speed?
January 25A range of IP addresses may be defined using what?
January 26Cat 5 is a specific type of what cable?
January 27Hardware settings that appear on a display are also known by what acronym?
January 28TIFF and JPEG file formats support image metadata called what?
January 29Intel Xeon processors use a technology called what?
January 30"PRAM" on a Mac is another name for what?
January 31What term describes individuals who use software programs?