December 2020 Quizzes

December 1A digital drawing comprised of paths is what type of graphic?
December 2Which of the following Java technologies is a type of API?
December 3How many bytes are in a yottabyte?
December 4What does GPS technology enable?
December 5What type of Internet access was most common in the 1990s?
December 6Turning a device off and back on is also called what?
December 7AND, OR, and XOR are types of what?
December 8What type of application recognizes CORS headers?
December 9Which of the following is a type of memory module?
December 10To boot macOS in Safe Mode, what key must be pressed at startup?
December 11Which version of Windows introduced the "Windows Search" feature?
December 12Which component specifically controls processor input and output?
December 13Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) refers to which type of path?
December 14What type of computer is most commonly called a "workstation?"
December 15Which component might contain VRAM?
December 16What abbreviation describes occupations related to computers and the Internet?
December 17What verb describes turning on a computer?
December 18Which of following is created with HTML and CSS?
December 19What command is typically used to save a file in an alternate format?
December 20What is another name for the primary hub of a wireless network?
December 21Which of the following is a type of Internet connection?
December 22Which technology supports GPGPU processing?
December 23Which technology replaced SSL?
December 24What adjective describes peripherals that do not require driver installation?
December 25Online education is also called what?
December 26Which protocol is used to transverse directories on a remote system?
December 27What type of device is part of the Internet of Things?
December 28QBE is a user-friendly method of creating what?
December 29Which of the following statements about an FPU is true?
December 30Which of the following is a learning management system?
December 31What type of component can be inserted in a PCI Express slot?