November 2020 Quizzes

November 1Which shortcut saves a website as a Favorite in Microsoft Edge?
November 2Which of the following is not a valid octal number?
November 3What is the directory that contains all other directories called?
November 4Which of the following iPhones has a home button?
November 5Which Microsoft product is designed for running a web server?
November 6Which of the following is a type of keyboard layout?
November 7A file extension can be used to identify what?
November 8Which of the following is a wireless standard?
November 9What type of RAM always includes a parity bit?
November 10CPUs and GPUs are types of what component?
November 11Which of the following statements best describes a VLAN?
November 12What is communication in which data can only be transmitted one way called?
November 13What type of document provides a template of rules for XML documents?
November 14Which unit of measurement is the smallest?
November 15Which Apple device was launched in 2001?
November 16Screen resolution is comprised of which two measurements?
November 17What is another term for an online user ID?
November 18Hard drive read/write performance might be measured using what metric?
November 19Video game emulators read virtual game cartridges called what?
November 20In online advertising, each time an ad is displayed, it is logged as a what?
November 21What type of device might have an uplink port?
November 22Which of the following occupations is considered an ICT job?
November 23What is a network only accessible by authorized users called?
November 24What technology does IVR enable?
November 25How many characters does a UUID contain?
November 26What service contains online discussions organized into newsgroups?
November 27What is the primary difference between the C and C++ programming languages?
November 28Computer peripherals are a subset of what category?
November 29Which display interface is the oldest?
November 30Which of the following is a half-duplex communications device?