October 2020 Quizzes

October 1What type of program commonly displays waveforms?
October 2What component may have a RISC architecture?
October 3In what year was the Heartbleed security vulnerability discovered?
October 4How many people are on the receiving end of a unicast?
October 5Facebook allows people to connect with others by adding them as what?
October 6Which type of image is most ideal for JPEG compression?
October 7What type of data is stored in an inbox?
October 8A diode has two ends, incluing an anode and what?
October 9Which Apple device is a tablet?
October 10The ACID acronym describes the four characteristics of what?
October 11What is an animation that plays when a computer is idle called?
October 12What is a halftone image?
October 13What is primary purpose of BitTorrent?
October 14Which file format is best for displaying file icons?
October 15Microsoft Word is what type of software program?
October 16What type of device has an ICCID?
October 17DOS provides what type of interface?
October 18Which data type closely resembles a queue?
October 19Which of the following Adobe programs is a web design application?
October 20External ports on a computer are identified by their what?
October 21Which of the following adjusts the output of different audio frequencies?
October 22The VFAT file system was introduced with which operating system?
October 231,000 terabytes equals one what?
October 24What is another name for a database record?
October 25What type of program might save a file with an .RTF extension?
October 26Which of the following databases is non-relational?
October 27Radio station transmissions are an example of what?
October 28Software developers often manage source code using a system called what?
October 29The section of an email address before the @ symbol is also known as what?
October 30Which of the following might be used to process video on a laptop?
October 31A log file is saved in what type of format?