September 2020 Quizzes

September 1The letter Q in SQL stands for what word?
September 2The IPX/SPX protocols have been largely replaced by what protocols?
September 3Which language was designed specifically for the .NET framework?
September 4Inception, elaboration, construction, and transition are steps of what process?
September 5Which of the following is a wireless technology standard?
September 6Which of the following terms refers to a type of processor architecture?
September 7What is the purpose of a file path?
September 8Unwanted email is also known as what?
September 9What smartphone app is most similar to an IM app on a computer?
September 10ODBC allows applications to access different types of what?
September 11Which of the following is a toggle key?
September 12Each run through a "while loop" is also called what?
September 13Which Microsoft technology was designed to allow programs to run on multiple devices?
September 14Which technology is designed for processing database information?
September 15What is a bounced email message?
September 16Where does a GPU store 3D meshes and textures?
September 17What is the primary purpose of DNSSEC?
September 18What type of program records a user's keystrokes?
September 19What type of standard is not regulated by the OASIS consortium?
September 20Which of the following is considered intellectual property?
September 21Which of the following is used to measure printing speed?
September 22Which of the following interfaces is specifically designed to transfer audio data?
September 23In a hierarchical "tree" directory structure, a file is considered what?
September 24Which of the following provides answers to common questions?
September 25What type of text contains links to other pages or documents?
September 26Which of the following best describes computer ethics?
September 27What type of device records DV data?
September 28What follows the "at" symbol in an email address?
September 29What term is synonymous with desktop background?
September 30Which of the following protects against network intrusions?