August 2020 Quizzes

August 1Which of the following is an edutainment software title?
August 2A sidebar is most commonly located in what section of a window?
August 3What is software that generates program code from a visual design called?
August 4What type of data structure stores a static list of specific elements?
August 5The IMAP protocol is used to send what type of messages?
August 6What is a person for whom a hardware device is designed for called?
August 7Which of the following types of identifiers is shaped like a square?
August 8How many interrupt requests does typing "hello" send?
August 9User space refers to what type of memory?
August 10Which of the following processes is designed for quality control?
August 11Which of the following is an example of backend development?
August 12What type of screen technology is the newest?
August 13What does the address bar display in a web browser?
August 14What type of printer is the oldest?
August 15What type of tools gather and analyze data about the surface of the earth?
August 16Which of the following is a Windows API?
August 17What software label means anyone can view the source code?
August 18What is Apple's online storage service called?
August 19What is the different between SO-DIMMs and standard DIMMs?
August 20Which organization develops standards specifically for the web?
August 21A "warm boot" is synonymous with what action?
August 22A radio transmission is what kind of signal?
August 23What is the standard Windows keyboard shortcut for Save As?
August 24Which abbreviation refers to content contributed by users?
August 25Which of the following is a mobile operating system?
August 26What is memory that retains data after the power is turned off called?
August 27Which acronym refers to a system test that is run at startup?
August 28SCSI devices were identified by what number?
August 29What type of file stores DNS information for a specific domain name?
August 30What is the purpose of ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)?
August 31What type of file contains a table of data stored in a plain text format?